Karnib & Co Lawyers

Sam Karnib

Director and Principal Solicitor

Sam Karnib is the Director and Principal Solicitor of Karnib & Co Lawyers. He completed Bachelors Degrees in Law and Business at Western Sydney University as well as a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. He was admitted as a New South Wales solicitor in 2016 and has since his admission practised exclusively in criminal and traffic law.

Sam provides legal advice and representation in all aspects of criminal and traffic matters including bail applications, defended hearings, sentence proceedings, committals, trials, appeals and all other applications relating to these areas of law. He appears in all Local, District and Supreme Courts across New South Wales and also in the Court of Criminal Appeal.

Approximately 95% of criminal cases commence and are finalised in the Local Court. Sam appears in the Local Court on a daily basis representing defendants charged with offences that are prosecuted summarily by the New South Wales police or the Director of Public Prosecutions. These offences are heard before a Magistrate and include assaults, domestic violence offences, drink driving and other traffic offences, drug possession and supply offences and others. Sam has successfully represented thousands of clients in this jurisdiction with excellent outcomes.

Sam’s practice also includes representing defendants charged with strictly indictable offences, that being serious criminal offences that are dealt with by a judge of the District or Supreme Court or by a jury. These offences commence in the Local Court and are committed to the District or Supreme Court for trial or sentence. They include murder, manslaughter, sexual assault offences, kidnapping, serious weapons offences, fraud and large scale drug supply. Sam has represented thousands of clients in these courts for committal proceedings, severity and conviction appeals, sentence proceedings and trials under both state and commonwealth law.

Sam also regularly appears before the highest court in the state, the Supreme Court of New South Wales. This court hears bail applications that are not successful in the Local Court and both sentence proceedings and trials for offences such as murder, manslaughter and treason. Sam regularly appears before this court for serious bail applications and has made hundreds of successful applications for clients charged with very serious offences.

Karnib & Co Lawyers is listed as a member of the Legal Aid Summary and Indictable Matter Panels and Sam also regularly represents clients whose matters are pursuant to Legal Aid grants.

Sam’s dedication and persistence in achieving the best possible outcome for each client is unwavering. For Sam, negotiating with prosecuting authorities and vigorously advocating the dynamic voices of each client he represents is what drives his passion for the law. Appearing in court is second nature for him and he dedicates his time and wealth of experience to each life he represents.

What People Say

We value integrity

We conduct our practice of the law with integrity, ensuring that our communications with clients, the court and all stakeholders involved in the criminal justice system is honest, clear and transparent. We respect the relationships we share with each client and at our firm there are no grey areas when it comes to ensuring you understand what you are facing at any given moment.

We have a vigorous defence style

Our courts are adversarial in nature and facing a criminal charge involves battling the prosecutorial nature of the state. We have a trap-door approach to cross-examining witnesses and an advocacy style that is unwavering. We pride ourselves on our ability to break down the prosecution case, whether that be during a sentence, a hearing, an appeal or a trial, and clearly articulate the dynamic voice of each individual we represent. We appreciate that no two cases and no two people are the same, and we are known in the criminal justice system as a firm that never backs down from a fight.

Proven track record of success and a results focused firm

We are not in the business of adjourning matters. We are in the business of finalising them as efficiently and as accurately as possible. Our extensive experience practising in the criminal jurisdiction means we are experts in assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a prosecution case and making expedient forensic decisions about the best steps to take in your matter.
Our communication skills are tailored to breaking down complex legal jargon into everyday language, so you understand every aspect of your charge, the defences available and penalties that are likely.
We do not leave any stones unturned and make sure all avenues are exhausted in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Criminal and traffic law specialists

Our firm practices exclusively in criminal and traffic law which makes us true specialists. Criminal law is our passion and appearing in court is second nature to us.

Contactable 24/7

We understand that anyone can be charged for any type of criminal offence at any given time, whether that be early in the morning or late at night. This is why we are contactable 24/7 and ensure that all enquiries are promptly and adequately responded to. We also appreciate that facing any criminal charge is a daunting and stressful experience for many people and our firm ensures that each client is regularly informed about the status of their matter and that they understand every step throughout their court proceedings.

Fixed fees

We offer fixed fees for most types of criminal cases and services so you know how much your case will cost from start to finish.

First consultation free

The first consultation you have with us is free for up to 30 minutes.

We appear in all New South Wales Courts and interstate

We attend all courts across New South Wales and interstate for all your criminal and traffic law needs.

Your matter is not just a case for us, we treat it as your life

For some lawyers your file is just a case number and something engineered to make money. For us, you are a human being facing perhaps one of the biggest predicaments of your life. This is why we ensure you are never left feeling uncertain, unheard and unsatisfied. Our perseverance is unwavering and we fight alongside each and every person until their debts with the justice system have been satisfied.